How the Rooster Became A Domestic Bird


Christopher Oyo’s second children’s book retells the classic folktale of how chickens came to live with people. Bursting with colour and beautiful illustrations, your children will be sure to want to read this tale again and again.




A very long time ago, The Rooster used to be the most terrifying creature in the animal wild. That was until Hare and the other animals and birds became brave enough to take him on.

This is a beautiful traditional folk tale, teaching children the virtues of sharing and caring.

A fun and colourful folk tale picture book telling the story of how the Rooster who was at one time a wild bird, came to be domesticated. The book is best suited for children aged 3-8 years of age. It teaches children about Honesty, truthfulness, and openness in a subtle but clever way.

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