Jinja Community Library

We are establishing a community library in Jinja, Uganda for all to be able to access. We want to foster a love of reading and stories in Ugandan communities and take the onus of reading away from schools alone.

Likewise, we want all people to be able to access diverse and inclusive literature to Uganda without the cost of buying and shipping new books to deter readers.

As we secure funding and a physical location we hope to be able to run reading events, homework clubs and activities empowering communities to come together through the shared love of reading.

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Do you have a physical location?

Not yet, rent is incredibly expensive and we do not want to spend money on renting a location until we have accumulated our book stock. At first we may be blending a mobile library model as we secure funding to rent and establish a physical premises.

Are you accepting book donations?

Yes, we are currently accepting book donations. Please contact us if you have books you are able to donate. We have also put together an Amazon wishlist of titles that we will be purchasing for our stock. If you want to find your next read, have a look and buy us a copy too!

Will Ugandans be able to read in English?

English is an official language of Uganda. Schools teach nearly all subjects in English so most Ugandans will have a basic understanding of English or know someone who will. That also goes for being able to read. However, stories are more than the words written. For children, they are about sharing time with another person, looking at the illustrations as well as discussing what they can see and interpret. We have a brilliant team of storytellers and translators who guide our families on the books content and teach them simple skills to share the stories with their children.

What else can I do to get involved?

Aside from helping us stock our library, we are also accepting donations and running a monthly book box subscription. All proceeds will be going to fund our Jinja library.

Want to donate?

We welcome monetary donations big or small. This will cover the costs of buying books and the transportation of books to Jinja. We want to ensure all authors, illustrators, book sellers and Ugandan people involved are paid fairly for their time and efforts.

If you would rather donate a book we will be collecting new and lightly used books to ship to Uganda.

Want to partner with us?

We are currently seeking companies, businesses, publishers, authors, charities, booksellers and schools who would like to work with us.

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

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Tales From Uganda retell Ugandan stories in both Luganda and English. These stories are passed down from generation to generation orally and are a large part of our heritage and culture.

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