Taata Musa (Founder)

CEO, chief story-teller, speaker, visionary.

Here is a bit about why this project is important to him:

“Coming from a long line of storytellers in my family, I grew up being told many traditional folktales. I knew I wanted to raise my children in the same way.

Folktales are the pillar of our communities. They helped explain the lives around our ancestors and teach future generations morals and important lessons.

I wanted to bring the oral heritage I had grown up with to a new audience using social media. Retelling folktales in Luganda and English preserves our language (which I am proud of). It also helps our future generations grow up speaking Luganda whether they are in Uganda or abroad.”

Mama Musa (Co-Founder)

CMO, creator, organiser, educator

Here is a bit about why this project is important to her:

“Our children are our main inspiration. We want them to grow up celebrating Luganda and Uganda.

Studying Linguistics made me passionate about the preservation of language diversity and language maintenance. I love being part of documenting these folktales for all to be enjoyed.